StoryBox 0.0.41

I cannot remember where I said it, but I said I’d have options for indenting in by the end of this week. Is today good enough? 🙂 Also added, some alignment options (left, center, right), and I migrated alot of the options that were on the document context menu into the one that you get in full screen mode so you don’t have to get out of fullscreen to add a tag or add notes to a character.

4 thoughts on “StoryBox 0.0.41”

  1. Mark,

    That’s still not quite right.
    The 1st paragraph on a piece of prose should not be indented, but the 2nd and so on should be. The formatting option indents the 1st and every other.


    This is the way I type my words so as to look right.

    This too is how I type my words so as to look right.

    Also, I find it very difficult to read the writing on the templates option tab. Is that a different font to the other tabs?


  2. If you want different formatting per paragraph, set the “Preserve Formatting” option to on (checked), and then use the right click menu to set the indentation on a per paragraph basis. The formatting option in the Preferences menu only sets the default value for all paragraphs in every document.

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