StoryBox 0.0.42

0.0.42 is up, but it’s mostly some minor changes. A couple of bug fixes for some annoying things. Updates probably will start to slow down here soon, with NaNoWriMo starting in three days and the major features completed, if not yet polished. There are still minor things I’m going to add, and I’m going to leave the early adopter pricing up until at least the end of NaNo, even if I hit 1.0 before then. I don’t think StoryBox will be 1.0 before then, but stranger things have happened. In any case, I’m committing to $25 for another month, at least.

Here are some things that I’m going to be working on that I expect to be in v1.0.

  • Bullets
  • Line spacing
  • Export to manuscript format
  • Export of specific document trees (so you can export your entire project, notes included)