StoryBox 0.0.40

I was feeling frivolous last night and today, so I added some new button styles to StoryBox, as well as cleaned up the themes (especially the Black and Desert themes) a bit. Each theme has a default icon set, plus, you can go into the preferences and choose a different icon set if you don’t like the default ones. I’m partial to Plain buttons on the Black theme, myself, and I’m tempted to change that to the default for the Black theme. I’m interested in hearing which combinations people like the most, and if there are any overwhelming favorites, I could be convinced to change the defaults.

I’m going to try to give you some options for modifying the indentation by the end of the week (meaning before NaNo starts) so that you’re not stuck being uncreative with your formatting. If there’s any other feature that you absolutely need before NaNo starts, let me know and I’ll see if I can squeeze it in.