Too Many Updates or Just Right?

I’ve basically been updating Storybox every couple of days, and sometimes more often, and I wonder what you think about that. How often is too often? When do you get tired of installing updates?

Of course, I don’t actually force you to install them, and you can turn off the update check in the preferences menu if you want.

Personally, I’m a big fan of frequent updates. It often feels like Christmas when my favorite software receives an update, especially when it fixes a problem I’ve been happening.

4 thoughts on “Too Many Updates or Just Right?”

  1. Like you, I love frequent updates so your schedule seems just right to me. Keep up the good work because StoryBox is shaping up to be the best creative writing tool ever.

  2. Please keep up the amazing work. No update pace is too fast for me, release as often as you feel necessary. I’m sure the pace will gradually slow on its own once the program gets more into shape. Do you have any plans to replace the toolbar icons? So far they are the most unappealing part of StoryBox for me, i hope they are temporary. Too often, Windows programs put aesthetics on the back burner, but it should be a priority. Look at how pretty Scrivener is! 🙂

  3. Do you know how long I worked to get them looking as good as they do? Haha. I’m no artist, unfortunately, but I will have them redone at some point, once I can afford to pay someone to do them (and can find an artist that responds to my queries). The “freely available” sets are generally missing icons that I need.

  4. Storyboxx is certainly turning into a wonderful writing package. I too enjoy regular updates. It feels like my birthday comes everytime you add a fix, or change a look. I have no problem whatsoever in downloading updates regularly. Matter of fact: I regularly ‘look’ for updates and feel dissapointed when there are none.

    Excellent work Mark

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