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StoryBox 0.0.40

I was feeling frivolous last night and today, so I added some new button styles to StoryBox, as well as cleaned up the themes (especially the Black and Desert themes) a bit. Each theme has a default icon set, plus, you can go into the preferences and choose a different icon set if you don’t like the default ones. I’m partial to Plain buttons on the Black theme, myself, and I’m tempted to change that to the default for the Black theme. I’m interested in hearing which combinations people like the most, and if there are any overwhelming favorites, I could be convinced to change the defaults.

I’m going to try to give you some options for modifying the indentation by the end of the week (meaning before NaNo starts) so that you’re not stuck being uncreative with your formatting. If there’s any other feature that you absolutely need before NaNo starts, let me know and I’ll see if I can squeeze it in.

Too Many Updates or Just Right?

I’ve basically been updating Storybox every couple of days, and sometimes more often, and I wonder what you think about that. How often is too often? When do you get tired of installing updates?

Of course, I don’t actually force you to install them, and you can turn off the update check in the preferences menu if you want.

Personally, I’m a big fan of frequent updates. It often feels like Christmas when my favorite software receives an update, especially when it fixes a problem I’ve been happening.

StoryBox Update

Uploaded version 0.0.38 of StoryBox today. This adds some more options for default document views, and also enables the remembering the last view of a document. Version 0.0.37 added left, right, and view buttons to the index cards, as well as some performance improvements.

I’m preparing things to be able to put the settings data wherever you want so that you could, potentially, install SB on a thumb drive or put the settings and your documents in DropBox and have the same settings on every computer where you use StoryBox.

I’m getting some good feedback from people that are using StoryBox, and I’d just like to thank everyone that’s reported a problem. It’s really helpful in finding the things I missed or forgot about or plain just didn’t think about. Keep it up.

Some Updates On StoryBox and Other Things

I just uploaded version 0.3.6 of StoryBox, with a new “Preveiw” mode so you can see how any portion of your story will look when all it’s parts are combined. It also fixes some scrollbar issues, and a couple other things.

Also, after a year and ten months of off and on reading, I finally finished Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon, and it was worth the effort in the end. But man, those first couple hundred pages are hard to get into. Too many disparate things going on for my simple mind. I always have problems with novels that start out with a large number of POV characters. Keep me with one for a few chapters, give me some background on the world, then switch. At the very least, do that in the first book.

StoryBox Somewhat Weekly #5

So late on this update. Been far too busy with the contract work. It’s getting close to the end of the project, and the time frame for it is getting tight, so it’s taking more and more of my time.

In any case, I’ve just uploaded Version 0.0.30 of StoryBox, with some changes and fixes to support some of the people that have actually started to check it out. The usual crashes and things to be expected when first real users get their hands on it, and some other insights, too. It’s really nice to be getting some feedback.

Most of it is coming via the “bug” button on the UI, which is probably the quickest way to tell me what’s wrong. It’s making it easy on my side to keep track of things.

If you haven’t already, check it out on the StoryBox Downloads page. You can see everything I’ve fixed, added and changed as well as the frequency of the updates.

I just hope I don’t spend so much time working on it that I don’t have time for NaNoWriMo (which I’m very intent on winning this year).

StoryBox Early Adopter

Check out Yes, it’s a little plain (understatement of the year), but you can now download a very early version of StoryBox. It’s got all the major features I want in it for the first version, except for export to rtf, and support for image type documents. Lots of minor features are still missing, though, but in my very biased opinion, it’s at least usable.

Please, try it out, tell me what you think.

Oh, and what the heck do I mean by “Early Adopter”? Well, if you like it a lot, you can buy it now for $25, which is at least a $15 savings over what I will be selling it for when I call version 1.0 done.