StoryBox 1.4.115 Released

Ok, it turns out that a couple people had changed the type of their story from Story to something else prior to updating their version of StoryBox to 1.4.113 or 1.4.114. Unfortunately, this caused a problem with the whole multiple story mechanism as there weren’t any stories at all to count.

So, this build fixes that issue. If you have accidentally (or on purpose) changed your story to some other document type, this build will let you change it back and will create the proper items in the file. DO NOT use 1.4.113 or 1.4.114 to do this as they won’t create the story information correctly. If you have already tried to do this in those versions, you’ll have to create a new story from the menu and move all of your documents from the old story into it.

You can also send the project to me and I can fix it for you.