StoryBox Exports ePub

Yup, that’s right. The next version of StoryBox will export to ePub format. The question I have for you, and please comment if you feel strongly, is whether to release it before it’s complete.

Right now, it will export an ePub without a cover image. There are also some minor formatting limitations, like not being able to add empty lines just by hitting a few times. You can do it by putting
in your text, but that’s not ideal. It also doesn’t convert urls into clickable links.

However, I think it’s soooo cool that I really want to release it and have some or all of you try it out.

So, do you want to see it this weekend? Or would you rather I wait until it’s reasonably complete?

Note that it’s reasonably easy to open it in Calibre or Sigil and add a cover image.

2 thoughts on “StoryBox Exports ePub”

  1. I’ve decided to add the cover image stuff before I release it. There’s also a couple other items I need to add, as well. I’m hopeful I’ll have it ready by next weekend.

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