StoryBox 1.2.96 Released

I wasn’t going to release this tonight, but, while testing something, I discovered a potential data loss bug with the merge functionality, and if there’s a bug that I don’t want in StoryBox, it’s one that causes data loss. So… that’s fixed.

Now, this build has an incomplete new feature, so if you’re the type to load multiple projects, and you open them by double clicking them or by using the “recent documents” list in the start menu, you might find that you’ll have some open, blank windows when you start up on occasion. Internally, each document has a numeric identifier, and when reloading, it compares the last opened list against the document windows that were opened. When they don’t match up, right now it ends up with an unloaded window. Just close ’em. It’s mildly annoying, but it’s far better than losing data. I’ll get it fixed/finished by the end of the week.