StoryBox 1.2.95 Released

Outliners should like this update. The outline view is now hierarchical so you can collapse branches you don’t want to see. It’s also themed appropriately (it’s an entirely different component than the previous outline view). There are still a couple of leftover things that need to be done, but the update needed to go out since the outliner is unusable at in 1.2.94 in the black theme (white text on white background – not good).

As always, if you find problems, use the bug report option liberally.

2 thoughts on “StoryBox 1.2.95 Released”

  1. You are a king amongst men. The outliner is fantastic and has replaced the last non-Storybox software I was using for my novel. Thank you for your ongoing work on this project, your updates really makes the purchase so worthwhile and vastly superior to the competition.

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