StoryBox 1.2.94

I spent a lot of time this past week working on this build. It may not seem like I changed that much, but updating to current versions of the major components was a large change under the hood.

You will find that the themes have changed. The theme system for the components was changed by the provider, and they changed the look of the themes that they supplied by default, and I didn’t like their new look. For every theme but the Black theme, I tried to approach the previous look as well as I could, but you will see some differences. I pretty much gave the black theme a complete overhaul.

I also added text to speech. It can only be accessed at the moment via a shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+S) as I haven’t decided the best way to toggle it (A tool bar button? Context menu item?) If you have a section of text selected, it will read that text. If you don’t have any text selected, it will read the current document. The shortcut key also works in the notes and synopsis panels.

If you see any problems with the build, file a bug and I’ll get anything major fixed as quick as I can.