StoryBox 0.0.50 – Finally, another update

My day job crisis is finally slowing down, and I’ve manage to squeeze out a few hours for StoryBox. Fixed a couple bugs, and added some additional export options, and spent a few hours trying to make the rtf export correctly merge documents so that the formatting (bold, italic, etc..) doesn’t get lost, but for some reason, it gets lost if I merge two documents together. Yay for bugs in components I didn’t write!

I’m really really sorry for the delay between the last update and this one, but there literally was no time. I couldn’t even finish my NaNo novel. I heard a couple grumblings that maybe I’d gone away, never to return, and that SB was “dead”. That is absolutely not the case. I’m completely committed to supporting StoryBox for the long haul. I’m approaching the point where the really easy fixes and changes are done, and only hard stuff remains. In software development, typically the first 90% of the features take up only about half the development time. And I think that’s where I’m at now. I’ve got the first 90% done. Now, it’s time for polish and refinement, and that’s probably going to take another three months or so. You won’t see any huge changes between now and then, I suspect, but there will be lots of difficult, minor looking changes (like the rtf export issue – I think I’m going to have to write my own rtf library… boo! hiss!).

3 thoughts on “StoryBox 0.0.50 – Finally, another update”

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re still working on StoryBox! It’s a great piece of software! I wanted to buy it, but I was afraid there wouldn’t be any more updates to SB. Good luck!

  2. Hello,

    It might my fault, but it seems that StoryBox doesn’t count words written in russian characters (it only counts characters).


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