Day 20

When you’re working on Power 90, or any of the BeachBody programs, they encourage you to NOT look at the scale every day. Why? Because a great many people can’t deal with the inevitable bouncing around that happens day to day because of water weight, excess waste hanging out in your bowels for a day, etc…

Case in point, four days ago, I weighed myself, and was at 219.4. Three days ago, 220.0!!! That sucked, really. Then yesterday, 219.6. Then, this morning, 217.6!!! That sort of stuff really yanks your chain if you’re focused on your weight, as a great many people are.

Fortunately, I’m more focused on how I look and feel and less on the actual number and seeing it fluctuate like that doesn’t bother me all that much. I’m mostly just curious about the journey downward, interested in seeing what happens and figuring out, if I can, the reasons behind whatever happens.

So, what does that 217.6 number mean? It means that I’m on target for my 30 day goal of at least 10 pounds lost. There are 10 days to lose another 2.2 pounds. My 90 day goal is to get under 200 which is certainly attainable. Ultimately, however, I don’t have a target weight, I have a target body. One that is fit and athletic (!!!). One that can keep up with my kids and fit on the rides of the traveling carnivals. One that I don’t feel like I have to hide, but instead want to show off. The weight itself is just one measurement out of many, and it’s more a curiosity for me than anything else.