Day 15 – Two Weeks Down, Eleven More To Go

And at this juncture, I’ve lost about 5 and a half pounds. I’d hoped for more, wanted to be among the big losers of the Power 90 users, but I’ll take what I can get. One big thing is that I may not be getting enough sleep. I like some time “alone” with Wendy after the kids go to bed, but sometimes, this doesn’t happen until late, especially these days when she’s going to some sort of therapist every day for an hour or more after work, and so we don’t get to bed until after 11:00.

Everywhere else, we’re doing pretty good. We’re exploring new foods and new ways to make old foods that don’t contain as much of the crap that we used to eat. For example, last night we made pizzas. Mine had a mix of mozarella made with 2% milk and fat free cheddar cheese (a 1/4 cup of each), along with turkey pepperoni (tastes almost the same, has significantly less fat and half the calories), but the big key was the “crust” which was a multi-grain flatbread from Flatout – 17g of carbs, 8g of fiber, 9g of protien and only 100 calories. I also used about 1/5th of a cup of Boboli pizza sauce (1/3 of a pouch). Total calories: 318, fat: 11g, carbs: 26g, fiber: 8g, protien 36g. And most importantly, it was yummy.

I’m getting stronger, too. I can crank out more of the pushups every time out, and I finally finished all the reps of the Ab Ripper 100 (two weeks ago, I barely finished half of them). I also seem to have more energy. Yesterday, on my “rest” day, I just needed to do something other than sit at my computer in the evening, so I went down to the stationary bike we have and rode that for 30 minutes at a pretty decent clip. I’m getting to the point where I’m actually thinking about doing stuff that’s physical. I sure hope I can drop enough by this summer to feel comfortable going to Wild Waves and participating in the “wet” portion of the activities.