Day 29

Don’t think you’re going to get before and after pictures tomorrow – you ain’t. Even though it’s Day 30, and you’re supposed to take pictures, and I’m going to take pictures, I’m not going to scare you all by showing you what I looked like with my shirt off thirty days ago. I’m not even going to scare you by showing you what I look like now. I’m going to wait until the “real” after.

I’m fairly happy with the progress I’m seeing. Of course, I want more, but I’m edging close to three pounds a week which is pretty dang good. We’ll see what the scale says tomorrow, and I probably will at least post the numbers.

One of the side effects of this whole thing is that I seem to have significantly more energy on a daily basis already. I was able to do a bunch of woodworking yesterday – like six hours or more of it, and I’m not sore or tired today. And I did it the day before, too – even skipped watching some TV and worked on my workbench instead. It’s amazing, really, how much easier it is to get stuff done now that I’m not worn out as easily. It’s amazing how even just a couple of weeks of exercise and eating right can change so many things about how you feel. It’s a better pick-me-up than caffeine.