So I Forgot To Post On Day 30

Yeah, kind of late for doing that. Anyway, first 30 days, total weight loss of 11.6 pounds. Pretty much right on target, really. We’ve moved up to the second set of videos, and the workout is quite a bit more intense. Was almost like starting over, except that I didn’t hurt for days after doing it. The number of ab reps doubled, and the first day, I managed about 160 of them. The second time through the ab routine, I managed 195. Felt like I about killed myself, but I got through them. It’s amazing, really, how much change can happen in a month. When I first started, I could barely do five pushups (may have been less than that) without having to take a really long rest. I can now do twenty or more in a row. The ability of our body to change itself to meet new challenges is amazing.