That Character Shouldn’t Know That!

Fragments Cover

There’s nothing like finding a major continuity problem in a book with only two weeks left before you plan to release it. Stress levels go up, the day’s planned writing output goes down.

While writing Reworked, yesterday, not twenty words in I wrote a sentence that exposed a problem that I had created in Fragments. A goodly number of conversations mentioned this particular issue in exactly the wrong way. It involved something happening in Gerard’s past that would have invalidated the way he behaved in Shattered, and that’s about as much as I can say without spoilering parts of two books.

Once I realized this problem existed, I couldn’t write anything more until I found all the places where this set of events was mentioned and created a plan to fix them. One scene will require a complete rewrite, and there are a few other places that will need minor edits. It will probably add a couple days to my planned publication date because I’ll have to get the scene looked at by at least one other third party before I can call it good.

I’m annoyed, to say the least, but it’s better than catching it after I’ve already published the book.