Get Zombies Ate My Mom For Free (This Week Only)

Zombies Ate My Mom!Down along the right side, right below the “Recent Releases”, is a little widget that lets you sign up for my newsletter (there’s also one at the bottom of this post). If you sign up during the next seven days (March 16-March 22), the first newsletter to go out will contain a link to a free electronic copy of Zombies Ate My Mom, my new zombie novella. You will get this BEFORE it’s available anywhere else.

What else will be in the newsletter, you ask? The newsletter will keep you up to date on my latest releases and where they might be found. I expect I will release a short story a few times a year, and some of those will be free to subscribers.

You will get the newsletter only when something happens (a new release, a special deal, etc…). You won’t see the same piece of spam mail every week. You won’t see mail about my software (I know some of you might want that – but that’s why there’s a link in the apps to check for updates). You won’t see cat pictures (unless I get lots of feedback that you want pictures of my cats).

So, sign up for the newsletter in the next seven days, receive a free electronic copy of Zombies Ate My Mom, and get notified of cool stuff (and the occasional freebie)!


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