Day 89 – Power 90

One more day left (well, really two since it’s still early morning) and I am very pleased. I’ve been on antibiotics for the last three days, stemming from that bout of illness I mentioned awhile ago, and despite the illness and the drugs and all, I’ve still managed to hit every workout and even added a couple extra sessions on the bike. I’d tell you my weight now (which I’m pretty dang happy about), except that tomorrow is Day 90 when we’re supposed to weigh in and take pictures, etc…

We’re thinking of weighing on Day 90, and on Day 91 as we weigh in the morning, and we won’t get an accurate reading after the last workout on Day 90, and reporting the better number (which would hopefully be the Day 91 number).

We’ve also concluded that, while Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser may have it over Tony Horton in the fame category, he’s got a big lead over her in the “keeps me pressing play” category. He’s just more fun to work out with. If I had to keep watching Jillian over and over again, it’s all work and staying on task with her, I’d have to switch out videos a lot sooner than it took us to want to switch out Tony.