Day 90 – Power 90 Complete!

Actually, today is Day 91, but it’s my birthday, so you’ll have to forgive me for fudging a little. Also, despite the fact that the program says to take pics and weigh on Day 90, it seems odd to me that you would weigh yourself before completing all of Day 90 – I mean, don’t you want to find out what that last day did? I do, so here’s the initial result.

Day 1: 225.4 pounds/33.8% body fat

Day 90: 191.0 pounds/25.8% body fat

That’s 34 1/2 freakin pounds in 90 days! When you take into account that I lost another 4-5 pounds just prior to Day 1 (weighed at the doctor with clothes on, 232), my total weight loss is nearly 40 pounds. We haven’t measured ourselves yet, or taken the pictures. Things are kind of hectic around here with birthdays, t-ball, wife’s physical therapy sessions – it’s hard enough getting time in for the workouts.

So, what’s next? A week of leisurely exercise (some light cardio, mostly) to let the body rest and recover a bit, then we’ll start the Power 90 Masters series.