StoryBox 1.5.120 Released

There are quite a few changes in this release, but the biggest one is that it now requires .Net 4.0 in order to run. I’ve tried to keep it using .Net 3.5 for as long as I could, but it became impossible with the latest release.

As for other changes, if you tell StoryBox where to find KindleGen on your computer, it will now produce a .mobi file when you tick the “Prepare For Kindle” checkbox in the export options. You can download KindleGen from (the easiest way to find it is to google KindleGen). StoryBox also now lets you insert SB code via the document context menu to link to pictures documents so that they will be included in your exports. This is useful for graphic chapter headers or interior illustrations.

Check the release notes for the other changes while you are downloading.

Download StoryBox