Electrician for real!

Days, even weeks without progress, and then, well, progress.

So, 7:30am, the electrician came buy to scope out the work required. He’s going to replace the panel because, unfortunately, the builders of this late 20th century house put in the smallest panel they could get away with. The wiring will all be in conduit, to avoid having to rip out the drywall, and there will be separate circuits for the dust collector, the air compressor, the lights, the refrigerator, and the two sides of the work area. Also, there will be two 230v circuits, one on each side, in case I need to upgrade some tools at a later date.

Then, later in the day, just before noon, I got a call from Woodcraft. My band saw is in! Time to go get it, put it together, and not turn it on because I don’t have a circuit yet that can handle 20 amps. Aargh! Just like the dust collector – sitting in the shop – collecting dust without even being on!

Anyway, I think the electrical work is going to get done sometime next week which will make me really happy. Then I can get started setting everything up and maybe get to work on the templates for the first guitar. Sure, I could do ’em with a jigsaw and a lot of sandpaper, but I’d like the practice on the band saw before I work on the real guitar.