Band Saw!

I picked up the band saw on Friday, but all I managed to do was get it out of the van (with Wendy’s help) and separate the parts. Here is the box, saw still inside.

Saturday, Erik had T-Ball practice and a birthday party to go to, but I managed to get a mobile frame and the base of the saw together during the day. In the evening, Wendy helped me lift the saw onto the base. It’s definitely NOT a one person task. We then figured out that the instructions are really pretty awful, and that we were supposed to put some bolts into the base before we lifted the saw onto it.

There was a little knob that fell out of the packaging, along with a washer, and it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the instructions – no pictures of it or anything. Turns out I stumbled across what it was when I tried lowering the blade guides. It seems there is a cover for it, and this knob holds it shut. Apparently, in a previous version of the saw, this was actually a bolt that was turned with an allen wrench, as this is what the instructions described it as.

Anyway, here’s the band saw, all put together, and I can’t wait to actually try it out. The electrical work should be done sometime this week.

And here is the last remaining bolt that I can’t figure out where it goes. Like I said, the instructions are awful.

UPDATE: I figured out where it goes. It attaches to the back of the table to allow the fence to rest on it when not in use, it seems.