StoryBox 1.4.118 Released

This update includes as you type typographer’s quotes (Smart Quotes). It’s an option in the project settings. It defaults to on for new projects, but for existing ones, it remains off unless you change it.

It also fixes the two biggest problems that I was aware of with exporting ePubs for uploading to KDP (Kindle). The first is the duplicate copy of the cover (only showed up after running through KDP or Kindlegen), and the lack of a table of contents on Kindle.

In order to have a table of contents on the kindle, you have to create a blank document (can be a chapter or whatever as long as “Include in manuscript” is checked in the document properties. Then just put the 5 characters [toc] into the document. Make sure you include the square brackets. This will be converted to a hyperlinked table of contents within your book. You can put the document wherever you wish within the book (I think), though it’s probably best to put it near the front.

This will probably be the last update for at least a month, unless some really awful bug rears its head, as I will be working on a new novel, and I’ve discovered that I work best on a project when I can really focus on it and not do much else.