StoryBox 1.4.116 Released

In this build, you can now have a separate cover image and scene separator image for each story. The checkboxes for those items were removed from the image property panels, and I added selection dropdowns to the Story panel. I fixed some other bugs along the way.

This build does update the file format slightly, and will create a .bak file before upgrading your project.

2 thoughts on “StoryBox 1.4.116 Released”

  1. I was wondering about the story box. How/Can I put in like a glossary? A I am creating my own world and “creating” another language etc where would I put it?

  2. Sorry for so late a reply. I’ve been working on QS and not paying attention to the blog.

    It depends on what you want to do with your glossary. If you want it in the book, create it out of Chapter and Scene documents, and make sure it’s in the Story tree. If you don’t want it in the book, put it in the Box of Notes wherever you want it. Really, it’s all up to you. StoryBox doesn’t enforce much structure as far as what you put in your Story.

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