Questioner’s Shadow Draft Finished!

With 4200 words today, I tagged the end on to Questioner’s Shadow. It feels good to have it in the bag. For the past three weeks, I’ve wondered if I’d get there, and now, I’m there.

You’ll notice, if you were playing along at home, that it’s a little shorter than the length I’d estimated, but the target numbers on the progress bar are always a guess. I’m not writing to a length. I’m trying to guess the size of the story from some very fudgy data. The fact that I came within 1500 words is awesome to me.

What’s next?

It’ll sit alone in the StoryBox kettle for a couple weeks to cure, and then I’ll pull it out and start working it into shape, adding whatever I missed, and basically trying to sort out any really egregious errors. Then, I’ll send it to my readers, and a month later, they’ll return it with all my failings pointed out. I’ll fix the problems they show me, and then I’ll work on publishing it. If all goes well, a few months from now, you’ll be able to read it in its final form.

During that time, I’ll be working on the draft of Fragments – the second book of A Wizard’s Work. I’m excited to get to work on it.

Now, off to watch a movie or something and relax.