StoryBox 1.3.106 Released (The Birthday Version!)

Here’s the latest update. It fixes quite a few things and adds shortcut keys for typographer quotes (smart quotes) that, if you need them, will help you put the right quote in the right spot. The current best algorithm for SmartQuotes has two flaws (Microsoft Word has them, too) in that it will not get a leading apostrophe correct, nor will it get the left single quote correct if it follows a double quote. ( “‘ )

Use the shortcut key’s to work around those two problems. They will not be replaced on export, so they will always be the right ones. If you do not plan to export with typographer quotes (if you are planning on sending your work to a publisher, for instance) don’t use them.

Also, don’t forget the coupon code for this weekend that will let you have 30% off your purchase!