What I learned publishing Shattered: First Weekend

The first weekend has come to an end. I’ve learned a couple things that will change the way I release books in the future.

First no matter how thorough you thought you were in editing and proofing the work, you will inevitably find something wrong five minutes after you hit the “publish” button.

Second, making a professionally formatted paper book is a lot of work. You must do far more than set margins and headers. Widows, hyphenation, drop caps… None of them are as simple as they look.

Third, you will find a large number of errors while working on the paper book because you aren’t reading it word for word, but are instead scanning the “look”.

So, in the future, I will be formatting the paper book before I publish any format. There won’t be a two week wait for paper after the ebook is out. They should all be out within days of each other, depending on queues and other issues. All the formats should benefit.

One thought on “What I learned publishing Shattered: First Weekend”

  1. Thank God I had few sales in the first months, not weeks, so I could fix screw ups. I am still finding them. Arrggg….

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