StoryBox Status

It’s been awhile since the last update, and you might be wondering when the next one is.

The answer? Soon, I hope. I upgraded to some new underlying libraries, and the vendor made some changes that I had to accommodate. The changes turned out to be fairly significant, so I’ve been using StoryBox and testing it as much as I can. I don’t want to release it and find I broke something critical with the change.

Also, I will be releasing Shattered in the next couple of weeks and I’m using StoryBox ePub export for dealing with B&N PubIt and Kindle, and I’m working out the kinks.

The next update probably has the largest number of changes of any update since I started publishing StoryBox a year and a half ago.

2 thoughts on “StoryBox Status”

  1. Good luck with all the programming!

    My wife and I are both eager to read Shattered. I showed her your cover art a few days ago, and she responded by saying, “Oh cool! I want to read your friend’s book, it looks like something I’d enjoy.” We own a Kindle, so that might be the device we read it on.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the publishing process you’re using once you’ve gotten Shattered in the hands of the people. (Excited for a StoryBox update, too. Especially since you’re armed with all of that awesome writing-camp knowledge.)

  2. StoryBox update is coming! Also, Shattered is in the queue at Smashwords and under review on Amazon. I will be posting a lengthy description of my experience preparing Shattered to go. I’m excited to tell the story because it ended up being so easy. I’m just waiting until I know all is good.

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