StoryBox 1.3.101 Released

This release fixes a crashing bug with the outline view when scrolling.

When I released the last version, the component vendor that provides many of the controls I use (including the grid used in the outline view) had released an update that fixed some minor issues and promised performance improvements. So, I updated StoryBox with that updated version.

Unfortunately, they introduced a bug in the new version that created the unhandled exception message that people were seeing when I tried to restore the expansion state of the outline.

So, in this version, I’ve rolled back to the previous version of the components. They say there will be a fix for it in mid March, at which point, I’ll update StoryBox to use the new version. That new version should have a fix for another major issue, as well.

What’s really annoying is that figuring out what was causing this problem basically caused me to lose two days of writing time.

Download the latest build