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So, here’s the Friday status update. What? You’ve never seen this before? Go back and look! OH, wait, stop… It’s new. I guess I’ve never done one of these before.

Shattered is in sort of a limbo while I wait on a couple more readers. Once the feedback from them is in, I’ll be taking most of my weekends getting the second revision and edits done, which I expect will take a month. Then it’ll be publish time, and you can finally read it.

SotR has a deadline for the first draft of March 25th. I’m making good progress on it (if you followed my tweets @mark_fassett, you’d get daily updates), and I don’t foresee any huge problems making the date.

I hope to have an update to StoryBox this weekend, too. It won’t have any big major feature changes, but it should have some minor usability improvements. I’m still thinking about how I want to work covers and other e-book property info into the UI. I’ve got three places in mind as to where it could go, and I’m not completely happy with any of them. But, I have to get it figured out before Shattered get’s published.

2 thoughts on “Status and Stuff”

  1. Have you checked out the Smashword Style Guide? I follow that with every upload and have yet to have a problem with Pubit, DTP, or Smashwords in terms of funky formatting. Just a comment I’m throwing from left field since you’re gearing up for your release.

  2. I checked out the style guide a while ago. Being a programmer, I have a great deal of interest in how the underlying formats work (specifically, ePub and mobi), and how to get the most out of them. My goal for the ePub from StoryBox is that you could take it and upload it directly to PubIt and Apple without a problem, and I’ve read that uploading mobi to Amazon works better than using Word docs. I’ll end up completely tinkering with the formatting, I’m sure.

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