StoryBox 1.2.99 Released

Alright, here’s the story on this release. Basic ePub support is in. You still can’t set all of the properties, and you can’t set cover art or add art into the document, but if you want a quick export to ePub to read on your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Nook, or what have you, it’ll do that.

Picture support, too, is in, but mostly you can only look at them right now.

If these things are limited, why are you releasing them now? Well, there’s this little bug that cropped up again. The scrollbars went missing, again, on the Storyboard, and I need to get that fix out there. The issue is some problem with the development environment always resizing them so they’re only one pixel wide/tall. I think I’ve solved it now so that it won’t happen again (I’m crossing all my fingers and toes here).