My Reading List

For whatever reason, I feel like pointing out a couple things about my reading list. It’s a list of books I’ve read from beginning to end. If I finished it, it’s on the list. If I couldn’t finish it, for whatever reason, it’s not on the list.

The list is NOT a list of books I would recommend. The vast majority are books that I liked, for one reason or another, as I did finish them. But there are some that I didn’t care for, but finished anyway. Sometimes, I finish a bad book because it’s like watching a train wreck or a magic trick gone horribly wrong. I wonder if the magician, despite being unentertaining, can escape the underwater cage surrounded by sharks without having any breathing apparatus and having his hands chained behind his back.

So if you see a book on the list and decide to read it and hate it, it’s not my fault. It’s just a list.

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