StoryBox 1.0.84 Released

The first update in the new era!

I’ve added printing, storyboard background images, and a status indicator to the outline view, among other things.

You can print either single documents, or your whole project. It has the same options as the Export (minus the file format selection), however, it does not automatically print your whole story. If you want to print the whole story, select the Story in the File Drawer and then print.

The Storyboard background images can be set by right clicking on the background of the storyboard and selecting one of the three options in the context menu.

There is a “fix” or a “feature” that has been added to the version management. When you delete a version, it will now compact the file which should limit the file bloat. It will ask if you want to back up the file first, and I recommend doing that. I’ve tested it on my projects and it works, but I’m paranoid.