There Are Four Days Left To Get StoryBox For $25

I’m impatient. I have the 1.0 build of StoryBox ready to go. I have the website mostly complete. I have the payment processor set up with the change for the full version.  I want to pull the trigger on this thing right now.
I’m not about to do that yet. I’m sure I’m forgetting something important, or there’s that one last really bad bug that’s going to show up as soon as I put up the build (this will undoubtedly happen no matter how long I wait).
But it really comes down to this. I don’t want to just pull the switch on those of you who’ve been waiting to buy StoryBox without giving you a real warning. If you want to buy StoryBox at the current $25 price, you have four days. Thursday, October 7th, 2010, I will be releasing StoryBox 1.0 to the world, and it will be priced at $34.95. It will never be $25 again.
This has been a long journey for me. It started back in August of 2009 when I couldn’t find software I wanted to use on Windows. I put up the first public build on September 21, 2009. There have been 62 builds between then and now, averaging more than one a week, even with the long hiatus last winter and spring.
Don’t worry, however, that this is the end. I have twenty two planned features already, many of them suggested or requested by those of you brave enough to use StoryBox these last months. I’m going to continue the cycle of frequent updates. As a user, I love lots of little presents, rather than waiting six months for updates, so I give you what I love.