StoryBox 0.5.71

As I’ve said before, the writing is going great. I don’t know if I’m writing great, but there are far more words than there were three weeks ago, and that’s a good sign.
But a man only has so much time, and with the recent addition of two to three hours of writing, StoryBox progress is a bit slower. Of course, I’ve made some changes lately that I thought were easy changes, and when I go try to use StoryBox, I find I screwed something up. Like the other day when I made a change when using the single document mode so that it would remember where in the document you were when you switch between documents. That worked great. Unfortunately, when I went to write that evening, it wouldn’t allow me to type into any of the documents.
So, here’s the general plan regarding StoryBox updates, though I reserve the right to deviate from this plan at any time. For the foreseeable future, StoryBox will be on a weekly release schedule, most likely on Saturdays, though sometimes it may slip to Sundays. I’ll break from this, of course, if someone has a problem that can’t wait a week.
The writing is good news for StoryBox in other ways. I’ve got new features I want to add that were never on my initial list. And I’m working out kinks in new features before you’re seeing them.
As for today’s release, you’ll notice that the build number has jumped a bit. You didn’t miss anything. Since I’m making builds for myself during the week, I have to increment that build number. This build was focused on making certain things smoother, and easier to use. There aren’t any really huge features added, just bug fixes and some streamlining.