StoryBox 0.4.64 – Font Changes and Spell Checking

This one has, well, some big changes.

First, default fonts, and the font button work completely differently now. The font button now changes the currently selected font of the document. There’s a button in the dialog that lets you set the font as the default font, but the dialog no longer changes fonts everywhere. In fact, changing the default font doesn’t change fonts anywhere at all anymore. You will only see it in new, empty documents. You can select text in your document, right click, and choose the format->fonts->apply default font menu item to apply the default font if you wish.

This also means that, if you have a default template set for a document type, it will not receive the default font. If you wish to have the default font, follow the instructions in the help for creating a template using the font you want in it and set that as your default template.

Why did I make this change? Because far too many people were confused by the way it worked. I don’t want confusion, I want quick understanding and easy to explain. Also, changing the font for documents already in existence was complicated and prone to error or, again, misunderstanding.

Also, there’s one other minor addition that some people have asked for. Spell checking. Right click in an open document and select “Check Spelling” from the context menu. Currently, it’s only using a US English dictionary, but I will be adding additional dictionaries as time goes on.

You will notice, also, that you can add words to either a global dictionary (used across all your projects) or a project specific dictionary.

Hope you like it.

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