StoryBox 0.1.57 and the Future

Uploaded a new build with some new features, like auto numbered scenes and chapters, and a menu item that will open the support forum in the internal browser. A couple bug fixes finishes it off.

Download it here

Version 1.0 is coming, really. If you are already using StoryBox, whenever 1.0 eventually arrives, there won’t be a big host of new features over what you’re already seeing. I have one or two more semi-large items to add, and a lot of tweaking to do, but it’ll be basically the same as what you’re looking at now. I’m really feeling pretty good about it now. Tell your friends, if you haven’t already. Get them in on the Early Adopter version before the price goes up.

2 thoughts on “StoryBox 0.1.57 and the Future”

  1. I may have missed something, but does the software currently support editing in the combined view (like in Scrivener)? Thanks!

  2. Currently, no it doesn’t. It’s really more of a preview. I’ll add it to the list of things to do, though.

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