StoryBox 0.0.48

Drag and Drop index cards! Yes, now you can drag your index cards from one spot to another to reorder them. It’s not, perhaps, as smooth as it will be after years of refinement, but it works.

Also in this build, I removed Session word counts and replaced them with “Daily” word counts. I’m a little worried about this one, really, about if there are some of you that actually would prefer a session word count over a daily word count.  Personally, I got annoyed that the session word count would reset every time I closed StoryBox because sometimes, well, sometimes I closed it on accident, or I have to do multiple sessions in a day to get my target. If you want session word counts back, I can put them back in (in addition to the daily wc), just let me know. One other little tidbit about the daily word count. It does not reset until you close the project for those of you that start your writing at 11pm and write til 1am. Your daily wordcount won’t reset on you in the middle of your session.

Oh yeah, if you have documents open when you close a project, when you reopen the project, it will now reopen the set of documents you had open when you closed it.

There are a couple other additions, too – read the release notes on the download page for more information on them.