StoryBox Update #1

I’m probably going to do these every couple of days for awhile, “these” being updates on StoryBox, as I just have to tell someone about it (someone besides Wendy – I bore her to tears with my chattering about my current projects sometimes), so you get to receive the end result of my constant need to chatter.

Over the weekend, I added mostly necessary features. You can now import from a text file (meaning you can get your current WIP into StoryBox) and export out to a textfile (meaning you can get your work OUT of StoryBox). End to end, you could actually use it to produce a project now. I added a “Help” button, window position persistance which means you can close or hide any of the information windows and it will remember where they were after restarting the app. There’s a way to toggle multiple documents on and off, so if you don’t like a bunch of tabs across the top of your window, you don’t have to have them. There are now Session and Project word count goals and progress bars. You can watch them grow while you type, which is pretty cool.

I still need to hook up a couple other interface elements, and there are a couple of different views that need to be implemented, but I’m pretty pleased with the progress. I can’t guarantee a time frame, as I still have to do other work, but if progress continues to be steady, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a pre-sale sooner rather than later.