55 Pounds And Counting

This last few weeks has been really tough with the weightloss. My body had decided, for whatever reason, to slow down drastically. I went from losing 2-2.5 pounds a week to losing one, if I was lucky. One, is good, though, as it’s still losing, but it’s a bit more frustrating than 2 or 2.5.

But today, I hit the 55 pound mark, a mere 9 days after hitting 50, and I was actually stuck at 50 for a couple days until I got this 24 hour stomach virus that made me drop 4 pounds in two days. I figured it was mostly water, so I didn’t count it, and assumed I’d be back up near where I was before getting sick in a couple days as I rehydrated. Well, I did go back up, about two and a half pounds, but no further than that, and now, just over a week later, I’m even lower than the lowest point with the virus. 170.2. Freaking STOKED! Just over 5 pounds to go to hit my goal (even though I’m thinking the goal may be a little high, now). With our Power 90 Masters series ending in three days, I don’t think I’ll get to the goal, but I’m set up nicely for starting P90x, I think.

When I start P90x, I’m going to change my goal up, anyway, since the actual weight isn’t quite as important anymore. I’m going to start aiming for targets that are a little more indicitave of overall conditioning. The first of those goals will be to get my body fat percent down to 15%. Right now (today) it was 20.6%, and when I started this whole journey, it was over 34%. I’m fairly certain I can hit this goal with P90x, as in just over a month, I’ve dropped 2.5%, and P90x is supposed to be much more rigorous than P90m. I can’t wait to get started.