A Tower Without Doors on Apple, and other things

A Tower Without Doors made it onto the iBookStore today, which is awesome. It’s the first one I’ve uploaded directly, and it means that Apple doesn’t hate the ePub that StoryBox generates.

One of the “other things” is that Minders is near the end of it’s first draft. I might finish it this weekend, or, more likely, on Monday. It’s another departure, for me, from the fantasy work that I really want to be doing, but it just sort of showed up and said, “Write me now!” I couldn’t exactly refuse.

Another of the “other things” is that I’m working on the first edit for Fragments (for real this time). I hope to be done with that next week, and then I’ll send it out to my Tell-Me-Where-It-Sucks crew. If all goes well and it doesn’t suck, I’m estimating the end of March for its release date. Far too long, really. I’ll get the next one out quicker, I promise.

Cover reveal for Fragments will happen on the day I finish this first edit. Sort of a reward for getting it done.