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Oh, Hey, It’s 2009!

So, in addition to my other projects, I’ve added one more. Many years ago, I wrote a novel, one I have an attachment to, but never sold. I started another one, and put a little over 80,000 words into it before I stopped writing for one reason or another. Over the years since then, I’ve started a number of other books, none of which passed the 10,000 word mark. I’ve never really stopped coming up with stories to tell. I just never manage to get around to telling them completely.

So I’ve resolved this year to get one of them finished and dropped in the mail. I’m starting from an aborted NaNoWriMo entry from a couple years ago. I don’t have a whole lot of notes as to what was going to happen after the bit that I have, but that leaves me lots of room to maneuver. I had notes at one time, I’m sure of it, but it seems they’ve gone missing among the piles of files on various computers. I’m going to spend some time organizing those as well, in the hopes that I’ll come across those notes, but I will probably have passed the point where they are useful before I find them.

Motto for the year:

Don’t think. Do.

Besides, I Don’t Know What’s Good About My Crap, Anyway

One particular article of Dean Wesley Smith’s is this one where he discusses Heinlein’s Rules for writing. Specifically, the discussion of Rule #4 – Mail the story to an editor who will buy it.

He talks about a workshop where they had everyone bring what they thought was their best work, and their worst work, put it in a bin, and then make an anthology out of the works that are in the bin, and the participants were not allowed to use their own work. Read the article. The results are interesting, and have sparked some of this introspection about my work that’s going on right now.