Zombies Ate My Mom – Seriously Delayed Announcement

Zombies Ate My Mom!I think I announced it everywhere but here. Zombies Ate My Mom is available in most places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and DrivethruFiciton.com. Kobo and Sony should be coming along soon.

I’m excited about ZAMM, and I hope you all like it. I’d love to write two or three more of them, as this one was a blast to write.

Brad never thought the zombie apocalypse could happen without him noticing. But when he and his mom run into a zombie horde on their way to get take-n-bake pizza, he discovers the awful truth.

Now, Brad must rescue his girlfriend from the zombies that are at her door, but he needs help from his father, a man he hasn’t spoken with in two years.

First, Brad must find his car keys.

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