This weekend, I went and spent a pile of cash on tools.

First, on Saturday, I took a trip to the “local” Woodcraft store where I ordered two items. A Steel City 17in drill press and a Rikon 14in Deluxe Bandsaw. I’d been hoping to come home with them that day, but it wasn’t to be as neither of them were in stock. I was told that it would be somewhere around three weeks for the drill press. The band saw could come in sooner. I sure hope it does.

Sunday, I went out and bought two more items for my “shop”. The first was a dust collector from Harbor Freight Tools. It was cheap, and with some after market filters, it apparently does a pretty good job for the money. The filter I’m going to attempt to get is this one.

The second item I purchased was a stereo system from or called “iSymphony”. It has a docking port for an iPod, but that’s not why I bought it (I don’t have an iPod). I bought it because it also has an SD card reader and a USB port, and I can just plug in a 2Gb SD card and have more than enough music for a days worth of work.

So the only disappointment for now is that I don’t have the electrical work done in the garage yet. Hopefully, I will get the electrician out to discuss it sometime this week. I can’t run the tools until it’s done, and that makes me oh so sad.