Look Away If Your Squeamish

Honestly, I’m really bothered by what I’m about to do, at least, with the first pic. I’m embarrassed somewhat that I ever allowed myself to get THAT far out of shape. The result of years of stagnation. However, the reason I’m showing you is the second picture, and what it means.

The second picture is the result of some work (about 45 minutes a day) and eating appropriately and healthily. That really is all it takes to lose 35 pounds in 90 days.

Now, these pictures are really about two weeks later than 90 days, and we’ve started working Power 90 Masters and I’ve lost another four pounds, even with taking a week off (where I pretty much stayed the same that week). So the difference between the pictures is nearly forty pounds. I’m hoping, if you need it, that these pictures can inspire you. It’s amazing what can be done in a short amount of time if you really put the effort into it.