Writer’s Marketing Workshop Aftermath

It’s late, or early. I’m in bed after the last day of the workshop. I can only say, at this point, that I think attending a workshop like this provided more challenges to me and my writing than any of the alternatives I’ve tried.

I committed story six times this week. Freaking incredible. I have proposals for six new novels sitting in my bag, and I can’t wait to start writing them. I know how to pitch them. I know how to blurb them. Hell, I have incredible blurbs and tag lines for all of them.

Oh, and the other writers that participated? One and all, they wrote some incredible proposals for books that I can’t wait to read. Fifty four new novel proposals in total. Just an amazing amount creativity and energy permeated this place.

I may write more about it in the future, but as of right now, I feel blessed to have participated.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Marketing Workshop Aftermath”

  1. Fifty-four? Holy crap, did we write that many proposals? No wonder I’m exhausted! Glad you got home safe. I hope to do the same tomorrow. Let’s keep those proposals, pitches and blurbs going!

    So awesome to meet you, Mark, and all the others at the workshop. Fricking awesome time.

  2. Unless I couldn’t do math that late at night on Saturday… let’s see – 6 times 9…

    It WAS awesome. I’m trying to wrap my head around the whole experience. I’m thinking it will take awhile.

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