On To Real Work

So, the electrical is pretty much done. There’s one last thing to do, which the parts supplier didn’t have the part for, but it’s only for future considerations at the moment.

The best thing, however, is that I can get to work. I’m going to spend the next couple of days getting the band saw set up and running right, though I suspect I’ll have to get a new blade.

Then, hopefully, I’ll pick up the planer and jointer on Friday and get them set up, which will let me get to work on the workbench (cheapo!). Once the workbench is done, it’ll be full steam ahead on the guitar.

I think I’ve finally got a shape I like, too. Only a half dozen “sketches” in SketchUp, and a bunch of work on some poster board. I’m wavering over one last minor detail, and once I get that figured out, I can move it to an MDF template and do a mockup.

Oh, I suppose I need to settle on the headstock shape before I can do the mockup.