Has It Really Only Been A Week?

I guess so! A week ago, I hit the 40 pound loss. Today, I hit 43, right on the nose. Nearly 3 pounds in a week (2.8)! Hot damn. I thought I’d been slowing up, but maybe, just maybe, I won’t slow up quite yet. A week to go, roughly, until day 30 of P90 Masters, and a pound and a half away from my goal for pretty much every 30 days (10 pounds per 30 is my goal). I’ve done better than that every month so far.

I’m really looking forward to going into a maintenance mode. I find I’ve been hungrier lately, and I have been eating more on days that I work out. For the first three months, my target was about 1500 calories. This past week, I’ve been doing more like 1800, and 2000 yesterday. According to my nifty little iPod app “Lose It!”, my daily caloric intake for losing a pound a week is a shade over 2000 calories, if I were to do no exercise at all. With the exercise, I’m probably burning 300-500 calories extra, so I think I’m sitting about where I should be to hit my monthly goals. What I don’t want to do is make my body think I’m starving it. I want to keep my muscles.