StoryBox 0.2.61 – Guess What, I Broke Something Again

Yes, someone found one more thing that I broke. Originally, you weren’t allowed to delete ANY of the first 6 nodes created – Story, Characters, Items, Locations, Box of Notes, and Trash. Then, I decided to take up someones suggestion and allow you to create multiple story nodes. Turns out, when I added the new node types to allow that sort of thing, I had a subtle bug crop up – I was referencing the wrong enumeration when trying to figure out what I couldn’t delete, so now, you couldn’t delete the first 12 things! I’d never noticed before because the two enumerations had the same number of items.
Anyway, that’s fixed now. I also made quite a few other minor improvements, especially in the speed of applying styles like bold and underline.

You know the drill…

Now, I’m going to go play WoW for a bit and then watch some poorly reviewed movies with my wife.