P90X First Week

We finally, FINALLY, started P90X last Teusday, and today is our rest day.  I thought that after doing Power 90 and Power 90 Masters Series that P90X would be  a little harder, but something that would come pretty easily – to the point where I really thought I ‘d be able to at least complete all the exercises except for maybe the pullups.


It’s absolutely a step above those other programs. I am sore today like I was sore the first week of Power 90 after having never worked out. I can finish about 85% of Ab Ripper X, about 90% of Yoga X. Anything with pullups, I struggle to complete more than about 4-6 full pullups before having to resort to using a chair for the rest of the workout. I ran out of gas on the pushups in Chest & Back. The only workout that went about how I expected was Kenpo X, which I found to be pretty much the easist of the bunch.

I’m excited to see the changes over the next 83 days. I’m really hoping I can do the pullups by the end.